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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for VoIP to work properly on your Network?
A good broadband connection to the internet is essential. If you use your internet for downloading large files and other high traffic applications, you should consider an internet connection that supports Quality of Service (QoS) or getting a dedicated connection just for your voice service. Tellarc will be happy to perform diagnostic tests on your internet connection to certify its usage for VoIP.

How much do VoIP phones cost?
What else do I need to buy? A good VoIP phone starts at about $90. Depending on the options you need (number of lines, speaker phone, etc.), prices can go as high as $300. You can get a good quality phone for about $100. VoIP Phones need power in order to run. You can use either a small power supply for each phone or, optionally, you may wish to invest in an Ethernet switch that supplies power to the phones. Tellarc will perform an analysis of your network to determine what other items, if any, you need to purchase.

What happens if my internet connection goes down?
If you have a single connection to the internet, you will lose your voice services. Tellarc can recommend quality providers who have a track record of 99.99% up time. Additionally, we have options for you to utilize multiple internet connections so the likelihood of losing your service is a rare event. Even if your internet connection goes down, your auto-attendants and voicemail will continue to function. Tellarc can also forward your phones to your cell phone.

We have multiple locations. How will our service work?
Whether you have a single office or multiple offices around the city, state, or country, Tellarc can provide seamless integration of all phones. We configure all of your locations into a single “phone domain.” In this manner, calls can be transferred between locations as if the coworker to whom you are transferring is in the office next door. Additionally, if you have an IVR, different options can ring phones at any location. Tellarc can move your existing phone numbers from all your offices and have them continue to operate the way you want. We can also provide additional numbers from any US market as well as many international markets. Please contact Tellarc to learn more about multi-site offices and how you can leverage our infrastructure to give you the voice options you need.

Someone called, but I don’t remember their number. What can I do?
When you log into the Tellarc dashboard, you will have access to many features, one of which is a list of all calls you have made or received. You can search on names, numbers, a date range, inbound or outbound, or just list all calls.

If we lose our power, will our phones continue to work?
Tellarc give you several options to mitigate against loss of communications in the event of a power loss. Tellarc can also provide a battery backup system that will continue to power your phones during a power loss. As part of your service, your phones can be forwarded to your cell phone through Tellarc’s web portal. Please ask your Tellarc salesman.

I need to talk to my customer and have my sales engineer on the phone at the same time. How does that work?
Tellarc gives you 2 ways to conference call. You can simply add another party to your current call by pressing the conference button on the phone and dialing the new party. If you need to conference several people at the same time, just use Tellarc’s conference bridging. This allows you to have as many people as you wish join conference room. You can use conference bridges for regularly scheduled weekly sales, project or other types of meetings, or even have ad hoc conferences as needed.

I am expecting an important call but must leave the office. What can I do?
There are several things you can do to make sure you don’t miss important calls. You can forward your calls. Using this feature, all calls that come to your office extension will immediately ring on whatever number you forwarded to. You can use our “find-me/follow-me” feature, which allows you to enter a list of numbers that your office calls ring to. You can have the system ring all phone simultaneously or sequentially. Finally, there’s voice mail that will be a “catchall” for all calls that aren’t answered

I was out of the office and someone called me on my cell phone and told me they have left numerous office voicemails for me and they never heard back from me.
You have the option of having a notification emailed to you every time someone leaves a voicemail for you. You can even have the actual voicemail attached to the notification email so you can listen to it right on your PC or smartphone.

We provide support for our customers and want to review the efficiency of our team. Can we record our support calls?
Tellarc has a system in place that allows you to record all calls to a specific number or numbers. These calls are then “visible” in our web portal and can then be played back at a later time. You have the ability to search on the caller’s number, the date, or the Caller ID name.

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