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Hosted PBX

Tellarc’s Hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX system for businesses of all sizes. Using our solution, you no longer have to worry about updating or upgrading your phone system. All of that occurs on Tellarc’s cloud-based systems. All you need are inexpensive "IP telephones" that plug into your local area network and connect to a "Virtual PBX" that lives on our server sub-systems. That’s it! Tellarc takes it from there. We manage your phone service every step of the way. There’s no need to have a local “expert” who is in charge of your phone system. You get to keep your existing phone numbers and we manage the process of getting them transferred to our carriers.

If you need to make any changes to the way your phone system works, no need to have a costly consultant come to your office to reprogram your phones. All you do is send an email to our support team and help is minutes away – all at no cost to you. You see, Tellarc’s service includes all “adds, moves, and changes” for as long as you have our product. No extra charges – ever!

There’s no need to learn about our different products and which one comes with what features. With Tellarc, you pay a single price per extension and get all of our features, including unlimited calling nationwide.

Additionally, Tellarc provides a “Dashboard” for you to manage your services. You can easily set up call forwarding from the dashboard. Need to see a list of calls you received earlier today or last week? You can look it up using the dashboard. Need to play back a call you had last week? Our web portal allows you to listen to previous calls.

The dashboard can also be used by your designated internal “administrator” to manage many parts of your PBX. Of course, you can always send an email to and we’ll make the changes for you. 

Tellarc’s services are available in the continental US. We can “port” your existing numbers to out platform as well as provide you with new phone numbers in any US market as well as some international markets. With this powerful capability, you can have a local presence in any of those markets.

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