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Admin Portal

A management Web Portal that allows you to control functions of your phone system, including call forward, voicemail playback, fax system

Conference Bridge

Allows multiple people to call in to a “conference bridge,” for such things as weekly staff meetings, customer conferences, etc.

Conference Calling

Allows 3-way calling from your phone

Call Forwarding

Redirect your calls to any phone so you won’t miss any calls

Call Hold

Put callers on hold

Call Detail Record

Provides call logs showing activity of all phones on your system

Call Park

Places a call into a “parking spot,” which can then be retrieved by any other extension on your system

Call Transfer

Provides for both attended transfer (call announce) and blind transfer (direct)

Call Waiting

Allows a second call on your line to alert you to its presence and allow you to answer, putting your original call on hold.

Mobile Phone Integration

Allows your cell phone to act as an extension on your phone system

Tellarc Control Panel

Provides real time status of all extensions on your system

DND – Do Not Disturb

Transfer incoming calls to your extension directly to voicemail

911 Services

Provides emergency operators with your office address

Follow Me

Calls are forwarded to multiple destinations (cell, home, etc.) allowing your callers to “find” you

Music On Hold

You can use our standard music on hold or upload your own custom MOH

Shared Line Appearance

Allows 2 people to have the same number on their phone either as the primary number or secondary number (executive assistant can see executive’s line)

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Also known as ACD, automatic call director or auto-attendant. This allows you to prepare a series of voice prompts, letting the caller select from a menu of choices to redirect their call. (Hello, you have reached ABC Company. If you know your party’s extension,m you may press it at any time. For sales, please press 1, for accounting, please press 2etc.). You can even have different messages depending on the time of day.


Voicemail accounts are associated with each phone extension. Additionally, you can have “virtual” voicemail accounts that are associated with departments (sales, accounting, support, etc.).

Voicemail to email

Choose to have your voicemail sent to your email. VM can also be sent to your phone, where you can listen to them via a media player on your phone.

Local Presence

Get a phone number in any US market, giving your company a presence in that market

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